Tooth whitening with guaranteed results

We are one of a small number of surgeries in the Czech Republic to offer the unique tooth whitening system Pure Whitening which is the only one available on the market which can offer the guarantee of excellent results in all cases, even for heavily coloured teeth. This whitening system is the only one to respect the natural chemical construction of dental tissue while, at the same time, containing a small quantity of a highly effective whitening agent which, due to an unparalleled composition, actively penetrates deep into the dental enamel where the infused pigment forms chemical bonds, thus achieving ideal whitening results. The results are also long-term and that with no need to keep up any special whitening diet. No other system offers this range of advantages. Also, thanks to its composition, this whitening agent is absolutely safe with no possible side effects which are common for other commercially produced whitening systems. We employ a combination of whitening methods that always involve the preparation of a whitening agent designed for each specific patient, guaranteeing a high degree of effectiveness and safety.

Do you long for a white and radiant smile? Make the most of the current special offer and make an appointment for the Pure Whitening method by calling reception on 00420 775 012 678