Dental Surgery

Tooth extraction

At our surgery we commonly carry out complicated extractions of teeth and dental roots. All such procedures are always performed entirely pain-free at our surgery under local anesthetic and using the least invasive techniques available in order to save the surrounding dental tissues. In this way the healing process is greatly speeded up.

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth using minimally invasive technology

Even an apparently unpleasant procedure such as the surgical extraction of uncut wisdom teeth can involve less discomfort than the completion of a standard filling. At our surgery we remove wisdom teeth with the aid of minimally invasive surgical technology while using highly effective anesthesia. When, from a very small cut, we carry out the removal of the tooth from the bone, during the procedure we uphold the fundamental principles of physiological surgery and thanks to this we minimize post-operative pain and prevent extensive swelling. At the same time, a minimally invasive approach achieves a speedier healing process. We pay special attention to maximizing the comfort of the patients, most of whom express surprise that the procedure is over so soon, especially as they felt nothing unpleasant during its course.

Dental implants

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