Preventive examinations

The preventive program for children and adults is one of the main pillars of the care provided at our dental surgery. We are fully aware that it is always preferable to catch tooth and gum disease before the solution becomes more complicated. Certain countries such as Sweden and Norway have already understood that a preventive approach is of paramount importance and have managed to make tooth decay a rare discovery in their dental surgeries. The Czech Republic is somewhat behind in this approach with only a few dental surgeries placing emphasis on a preventive approach. This, however, is why we at TopDentClinic carry out preventive examinations with the utmost care, sparing no time in their pursuit. As part of this prevention we examine the hard dental tissues, the gums, the mucous membrane of the oral cavities, and we create digital x-ray images aimed at uncovering any early interdental decay and we take the time to explain to you how to properly take good care of your teeth. In this way we ensure that your smile retains its natural beauty devoid of decay.

You can arrange a preventive examination by calling our reception on: 00420 775 012 678

Preventivní prohlídka
Prevention in childhood

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