Treatment of gum (periodontal) disease

Periodontal disease – a disease of more than just the gums

Do you suffer from bleeding of the gums, bad breath, or even loose or wobbly teeth? Each of these symptoms are the result of periodontitis, a disease that affects around two thirds of the Czech population. All of these symptoms can be present at once while one or two of them might not necessarily be perceptible at all. Everything depends on a whole range of factors such as, for example, the smoking of cigarettes, age, the condition of the bones, the use of certain medicines etc.

Periodontal diseases do not however involve the infection of the gums and surrounding bone alone and which can lead to the gradual loss of teeth. Numerous studies have shown the direct influence of periodontal diseases on the occurrence of a whole range of diseases, in particular of the cardiovascular system (heart attack, atherosclerosis) and increase the risk of developing diabetes.
For the reasons listed above, we should pay special attention to any symptoms that hint at the possible development of periodontal disease and seek out professional dental treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Treatment of gum disease is possible and carries with it the advantage of a high success rate which depends on the experience of the dental surgeon and, above all, on the cooperation of the patient. Treatment of periodontal disease lies in the elimination of all factors leading to the development of the infection of the gums (surrounding bone, and the surrounding tissues) and involves several stages. The result is putting a stop to the decline of the bone, removal of the infection, and the renewal of the gum’s connective tissue. Make an appointment for an initial examination during which we will discuss the various treatments available for your problem and initiate effective treatment in good time.
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Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)

Inflammation of the gums, known professionally as gingivitis, is a disease that frequently precedes periodontal disease. Symptoms of gingivitis include, above all, bleeding of the gums while cleaning teeth, a change in the colour of the teeth (the diseased gums are a bright red going on to a blueish purple while healthy gums are a light pink colour) and another sign of infection is swelling of the gums. Due to the risk of the escalation of this condition to periodontal disease it is very important to pay close attention to inflammation of the gums and to put a stop to it in good time.
Amongst the prime causes of inflammation of the gums are, above all, insufficient hygiene of the oral cavities, poor teeth cleaning equipment, cigarette smoking, the presence of dental tartar and the use of certain medicines.
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