Microscopic dentistry

Microscopic dentistry is a new, dynamic, and developing field of dental surgery which is based around the use of a dental surgical microscope during particular procedures. The magnification of the field of operations by several dozen times, offered by the surgical microscope, enables treatment of complete precision and maximizes the potential quality. This is why we can keep delicate structures such as root canals under close observation throughout the duration of surgical procedures. Thanks to this, the success rate of surgery performed under the microscope is virtually one hundred percent while allowing us to save even those teeth which would otherwise have to be extracted or be severely damaged using previous forms of surgery.
The dental surgical microscope is not, however, used by us solely in the treatment of root canals, but is also used regularly in the completion of aesthetic fillings and interproximal reduction (tooth stripping or shaving) on all prosthetic work (ceramic crowns, aesthetic verneers, etc.) during which a high degree of precision is attained and the subsequent durability of all our work.
Treatment with a dental microscope is entirely pain-free and it’s not unusual for a patient to sleep through the whole procedure.

Our surgery is equipped with a state of the art dental surgical microscope from the German producer Carl Zeiss, which is the world number 1 in the production of surgical microscopes for all fields of medicine.

Do you require quality root canal treatment or have you already had canals treated but need to undergo further treatment under the microscope due to recurring problems?
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Vyšetření operačním dentálním mikroskopem

A patient sleeping peacefully during an examination with a surgical microscope