Equipment at the Clinic

Maximizing comfort during procedures

Our clinic is equipped with state of the art dental chairs from the American manufacturer a-dec. The leading model, the a-dec 500, is precisely designed according to the anatomical zones of the human body and provides you with the upmost comfort, even during longer procedures. The entire structure fulfills all difficult ergonomic demands, allowing easy access for the operating personnel.

State of the art digital x-rays

Our clinic employs the most up-to-date digital x-ray technology available for dentistry from the American manufacturer GENDEX. Thanks to this equipment we are able to produce x-ray images of the highest definition and in this way capture the finest details which would otherwise be overlooked. This allows us to make a diagnosis of your problem with the highest precision. Whether it’s necessary to create a small intra-oral image or a large panoramic image of both jaws, this can all be achieved under one roof so that you don’t have to go anywhere else for your x-ray. Thanks to digitalization, the image is produced within a few seconds and that with a minimum dose of RTG radiation, a great improvement on older equipment.


We fulfill the highest European standards of hygiene

Here at TopDentClinic your safety is of paramount importance to us. This is why we uphold the highest European standards. Our surgery is equipped with the latest high-pressure steam sterilization device (autoclave) from the German manufacturer MELAG with integrated water regulator and a digital record of all sterilization cycles. As a result any pathogenic germs are eradicated from all equipment and tools used during dental procedures.

Our clinic has been awarded a European certificate of quality by the prestigious German manufacturer of disinfectants Shulke Mayr GmbH. Your safety is our absolute priority at all times!

The very latest dental surgery microscope

In order to achieve the highest degree of precision during procedures and to ensure that we take the least invasive route available we make use of a state of the art dental surgery microscope from the prestigious German manufacturer Carl Zeiss. The microscope is used during the examination of root canals, the finalizing of aesthetic photo compositions of fillings and and wide range of other procedures. A high degree of accuracy and precision is essential for the long-term aesthetic and functional treatment which we pride ourselves upon.

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