Treatment of Root Canals (pain-free treatment of canals using a surgical microscope)

The cleaning of root canals or endodontic treatment becomes an option when tooth decay has become so extensive that it is affecting the dental nerve (the tooth marrow/pulp). In such cases it is necessary to initiate the treatment of the root canal due to the fact that their contents (blood vessels, nerves and other tissue) are already infected with bacteria to such a degree that it must be removed, the canals perfectly cleaned and processed mechanically and three-dimensionally sealed with a special root filler. Root canals, within the tooth, have dimensions of only a few tenths of a millimetre and less; for this reason high quality treatment requires magnification. This can be achieved using binocular loupes or the far more effective aid of a modern surgical microscope which is the only method that truly allows us to examine all canals within the tooth and completely clean and fill them. Indeed it is the former partially blind approach to treatment that is a common cause of failure and long-term complications in the form of pain and chronic tooth infection (abscess). Another factor that can lead to failure of the treatment of a root canal when there is is insufficient time given to the problem. Some teeth (eg. molars) have as many as five root canals and their examination, cleaning and sealing is, if done well, a time consuming procedure and can take over two hours which for many surgeries, including those working solely under the auspices of the state healthcare system and related insurance policies, is an unrealistic proposition. If the tooth is left open for longer periods of time and patients come for a “root canal cleaning” there is a significant decline in the chances of saving the tooth, resulting in the tooth being infected to such a degree that the only solution remaining is to perform an extraction of the tooth. On the other hand, if the treatment is given enough time and patience during one, or at most two visits, and if use is made of a surgical microscope, the success rate of treatment is very high, at around 98% and the tooth will function normally, even for several decades. This is why, at our surgery, we perform a definitive treatment of root canals over one, or at most two visits.

For the treatment of root canals we, at TopDentClinic, make use of a state of the art microscope produced by Karl Zeiss, which allows for magnification of up to 50 times and in addition to this we use the most up-to-date system for machine treatment and sealing of root canals with heated plastic filling.

If you require quality and pain-free root canal treatment with the aid of a surgical microscope please arrange an appointment with reception by calling: 00420 775 012 678

Ošetření zubních kanálků mikroskopem

Bezbolestné ošetření zubních kanálků MUDr. Davidem Kolářem za použití operačního mikroskopu

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