Treatment of tooth decay

Tooth decay

The treatment of tooth decay is one of the most common dental intervention. The basis for success lies in a correct and timely diagnosis which is made possible by highly precise preventive examinations during which we use an operating microscope and the most up-to-date digital x-ray equipment with high definition. Thanks to this approach we, at TopDentClinic, are able to uncover even the smallest decay at a very early stage and then select, on an individual basis, the most appropriate line of treatment for each patient. It is not always necessary to drill the cavity; we follow all the latest trends and make use of non-invasive treatment for decay. In cases of larger cavities, when non-invasive surgery is no longer an option, we use the operating microscope to plot the least invasive line of treatment available. In this way we preserve as much of the healthy hard tooth tissue as possible and remove only the damaged tissue from the tooth. We are also assisted in this goal by a so-called tooth decay detector which shows us precisely where the decay ends and the healthy tissue begins.


At our clinic, fillings are made up of the most modern materials available and above all with a precision and exactitude which is born out by the long-term function and aesthetic appearance of the filling. Apart from poor dental hygiene, a common cause of failure in fillings is the hurried application of materials or the neglect of the very precise technological approach, bypassing or taking shortcuts regarding certain steps that are essential for the long-term function of a filling. Problems are often caused by a combination of all the above factors. The completion of a good sound filling takes time and we are aware of this; and this is why we dedicate whatever time and care are necessary to each step involved. During the removal of the decay and application of materials we also make use of a surgical dental microscope which helps us to establish the highest quality line of entry into the tooth for the filling, thus preventing the occurrence of fissures through which bacteria may pass into the tooth, causing so-called secondary tooth decay leading to the possible failure of the filling. Thanks to our highly precise approach we are able to offer you extended guarantees on all our fillings produced from photocomposite materials. White fillings offer a range of advantages over the older amalgam previously used in dentistry, particularly due to the fact that they constitute a natural join with the dental tissues, allowing us to avoid the unnecessary removal of any healthy tissue in order to anchor the filling into the tooth. In addition it offers you the high resistance and perfect aesthetic look of these materials along with the options for repair which were non-existent with the old amalgam fillings. Unlike the old amalgam, the white fillings do not contain mercury and do not increase in volume, thus avoiding the threat of the tooth cracking.

Among the materials used at our surgery are, for example, highly aesthetic photocomposite (hardened by light) materials in the natural colour of your teeth that are created with the aid of nanotechnology and the high strength glass ionomer cements that release flouride ions and provide protection against tooth decay, to mention but two of a wide range of materials employed at TopDentClinic.
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