Aesthetic (cosmetic) Dentistry

Aesthetic dental veneers

Veneers are one of the least invasive aesthetic treatments available. Dental veneers are most frequently made of highly aesthetic and resistant dental ceramics which are indiscernible from natural teeth (ceramic prostheses) or of composite plastics. Dental veneers are are most often used in the front section of the mouth and with their help it is possible to correct, very effectively, an undesirable formation or shape of the teeth or to close up gaps between the teeth. An aesthetic veneer can comprise a single tooth, such as in cases following injury, but most often they are made up of more than one tooth in the forward section of the upper or lower jaw in order to achieve a natural look, ideal aesthetics, and a harmony with the surrounding teeth. The advantage of veneers compared with, for example, classic crowns, is the overall minimization of invasive procedure during treatment. In fact in some cases the fitting of a veneer involves no alteration to tooth enamel at all or the tooth is only worked in a very limited way.
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Po ošetření fazetami


Smile design

Do you have any misgivings about the shape or length of your teeth, the gaps between your teeth or any other characteristics that make up your smile? At TopDentClinic we undertake a complex modification of the aesthetic modeling of the smile during which, with the help of digital technology, we design, and ultimately create, the perfect natural smile entirely according to your own idea of what that means. How is all this carried out? On your first visit to us the dentist will examine and describe the current state of your teeth and the possibilities available for treatment, all in the form of a consultation. At the same time a dental impression will be taken to aid the design and modeling of your new smile. At the second visit we will already have a model prepared as an offer of a solution that will be the basis for further consultation after which we will make any further adjustments to the shape and colour of the teeth. This patient can actually try this model out for a few days, wearing it and discussing its merits with family and/or friends. After this trial period further alterations are possible based on your resulting comments and those of people closest to you. At the subsequent visit we shall take definitive steps towards the creation of your new image. The final result will be produced from highly aesthetic and extremely hard dental ceramics that are indistinguishable from tooth enamel which lend your teeth a natural and beautiful appearance.

Smile design

Smile Design – stav před a po zákroku

Aesthetic fillings in the colour of teeth

Aesthetic fillings (“white fillings”) at our surgery are produced exclusively from photocomposite (hardening in light) materials from leading international producers. These top-quality materials fulfill the high demands for mechanical resistance and durability while at the same time satisfying the highest demands for aesthetic perfection. In order that the aesthetics of the filling should last long-term and maintain the invisibility of its appearance, its modeling is extremely important as is the use of special binding agents that bind well with the dental tissues. The entire technological process involved in the completion of a white filling is highly time consuming and so it simply cannot be performed in a matter of minutes. Its completion may take anything from 30 minutes in the case of a small filling to around 90 minutes for larger cavities. It is taken as a matter of course at our dental surgery that we employ the use of a kofferdam (a special elasticated membrane) during the completion of a white filling, which isolates the treated tooth and establishes a dry field of operation during the entire procedure. A white filling has, in comparison to the previously used amalgam, a wide range of advantages: a perfect aesthetic appearance, it doesn’t contain mercury, it blends naturally with the original tissues of the tooth (strengthening the rest of the tooth), a high mechanical resiliance and the elasticity in-keeping with that of the natural tooth, unlike in the case of amalgam it is not necessary to remove any of the healthy dental tissue in order to achieve anchoring of the filling to the tooth and thus it is possible to take the least invasive approach (saving dental tissues). Here at TopDentClinic we make standard use of a surgical microscope in the completion of all fillings which enlarges the treated area by approx. 60 times and so further assisting us in minimizing the invasive nature of the procedure and achieving a higher level of precision, significantly extending the durability of the filling.

Ceramic crowns

Aesthetic ceramic crowns are dental implants which can perfectly restore tooth decay or damage to an injured tooth in such a way that it is indistinguishable from natural teeth. The crowns at our clinic are completed using the most up-to-date dental ceramics (IPS e.max lithium disilicate, IPS Empress or zirconium oxide), which fulfills the highest demands of aesthetics and, at the same time, mechanical resistance and durability. Here at TopDentClinic we pay close attention to maximizing precision and exactness during the completion of all dental replacements and thanks to this we can offer you an extended guarantee on all our prosthetic work.

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