Dental Hygiene

The care provided by the dental hygienist is an inseparable part of modern dentistry. Regular professional dental hygiene prevents the occurrence and development of a whole range of complications and diseases such as gingivitis, gum disease and tooth decay. In addition to this, it significantly prolongs the effectiveness of any previous dental work, particularly that of fillings, prosthetic surgery, and dental implants.

A part of dental hygiene at our surgery is the painless removal of tartar with the use of a specialized ultrasound device, the careful deep-down removal of sediment with hand-held tools including the tartar beneath the gums and the so-called Air-flow which completely removes the dirt and pigmentation from the entire surface of the teeth. At the conclusion of an examination we recommend the application of a fluoride preparation which facilitates the remineralization of the surface layers of the enamel and prevents any potential sensitivity. You will also receive detailed advice on how to care for your teeth in order to avoid any further recurrence of tartar, the development of gingivitis, or any of a variety of other undesirable conditions.

Teeth Whitening- We, at our surgery, employ the highly effective and, at the same time, very economical method called Pure Whitening thanks to which you will achieve a long-term perfect and gleaming smile with no need for a white teeth diet.
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