Useful Information

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are you accepting new patients? Yes, at present we are accepting new patients, you can register by calling reception on: 00420 775 012 678
  • Do you treat children? Yes, our surgery treats children as well.
  • At what age should children first go to the dentist? The first visit to a dentist should be made at around six months when teething begins. This first visit serves above all to allow the child to get acquainted with the environment of the dentist’s surgery and develop a positive relationship with dental care from a very early age. At the same time an early visit allows for the early identification of any possible problems with cutting teeth and provides parents with valuable information on how to care for the milk teeth of their child.
  • Is it possible to get treatment outside of surgery opening hours or at weekends? Yes, it’ possible. We offer our clients the opportunity to get treatment outside regular opening hours and this service is priced according to the current price list in addition to the usual costs of treatment.
  • Is there an internet connection at your surgery? Yes, patients can take advantage of our fast and free wifi connection.
  • Do you provide emergency dental assistance? Yes, after prior agreement beforehand, we treat acute conditions of both registered and non-registered patients.

Do you have any further questions which you would like answered? Please write to us and we will be happy to answer them. Send any questions by email to: