Price list

Our aim is to provide our patients with the highest possible quality care based upon the very latest medical findings, employing modern approaches and methods, technology and safe materials and equipment. Only in this way can we achieve long-term functional and aesthetic results from the treatment provided. Every case is entirely individual, and so pricing has to based upon a complex examination of each patient. Below you can find listed the prices for the most common procedures.

Selected items from the price list:

  Procedure / examination Price
 Initial comprehensive dental examination (includes x-ray, examination with a surgical microscope, a detailed examination of the teeth, soft tissues and gums, the creation of a detailed treatment plan) 1.750 CZK
  A complex initial examination for a child (price according to age) from 650 CZK
  Repeated preventive examination 750 CZK
  Dental hygiene (initial appointment), including air-flow (60 min.) 1.850 CZK
  Dental hygiene – repeated appointment (30-60 min.) from 1050 CZK
  Minimal invasive tooth extraction from 1.550 CZK
  Aesthetic photo composite filling (white filling) from 1.650 CZK
  Treatment of root canal with the aid of a microscope  from 2.850 CZK
  Full Porcelain crown (zirconium) from 11.600 CZK
  Aesthetic porcelain veneer 12.800 CZK
  Local infiltration anaesthesia 320 CZK
  Teeth whitening using the PureWhitening method (The only whitening system in the Czech Republic with guaranteed results) SPECIAL OFFER!! 8.900 CZK
  Dental implant – surgery phase (STRAUMANN Roxolid SLA – Swiss) 18.800 CZK
  Surgical removal of wisdom teeth (using minimally invasive technology) 3.500 CZK

After the initial examination and consultation every patient receives an individual treatment plan in which is recorded their current dental condition (including any findings) and a price for the recommended treatment taken from the selected variety of treatments available and after agreement between the dentist and patient.

Payment can be made in cash or with the use of payment cards.